Mark Zuckerberg Gets His Rave On

The picture looks a lot like Facebook chief and co-founder Mark Zuckerberg, with his signature gray T-shirt, jeans and haircut, if you  just add camera red-eye and a sweating crowd. But is it really him?

Unfortunately no one has yet confirmed or denied that it is a photo of  Zuckerberg dancing at a rave. The snapshot appeared on the Internet late last week and several people are trying to figure out it if it's real and when it was taken. The photo appeared on deejay online music store Beatport's Facebook page, then showed up in English tabloids and music blogs.

We did a little investigating on our own and found out that the deejay spinning in the photo is Los Angeles-based DJ Dory, whose Facebook page mentioned and shared the photo on Friday. "This was taken three years ago . . . Who knew?"

So while we still have no confirmation the red-eyed dancer is Zuckerberg, the deejay said it was taken circa 2009, a time when Zuckerberg was a single and younger man.

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