Microsoft Office for iOS Rumored

Getty Images/Flickr RF

Microsoft designing for the iPad? That's the rumor that has been circulating for the last few months, even though Microsoft has publicly denied the report.

The rumor first appeared in February in The Daily, where its staff reportedly received an iPad with a prototype Microsoft Office installed from an alleged Microsoft employee. Microsoft said it was not real Microsoft software but refused to comment on whether or not the company was developing a similar project for Apple, according to ZDNet.

Now another "reliable source" at Microsoft has stepped forward and told BGR that Microsoft will come out with Office for both iOS and Android tablets in November.

The report is plausible. Why wouldn't Microsoft make Office available for iPads or Android tablets? It would seem to be a lucrative revenue stream, and with the rising number of iPads showing up in office cubicles, shipping and medical groups, it makes perfect sense.

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