Bobby Brown Insists Bobbi Kristina Is “Fine”

"She talks to me about everything," he said, shooting down rumors his daughter is dabbling in drugs

Bobby Brown shot down reports about his and Whitney Houston's teen daughter Bobbi Kristina on the "Today" show Thursday, dismissing rumors that the teen was doing drugs.

"She's fine," the R&B singer told Matt Lauer on Thursday in the second half of their interview — Brown's first since his ex-wife died in February. "She knows that her mom is gone, and she knows that she has to live."

Whitney Houston's family has reportedly been worried about the 19-year-old, who was recently seen smoking marijuana and was rumored to have done other drugs.

"I would always be worried about that," Brown told Lauer — but right now, he said, it's not an immediate concern.

"I know what she is actually doing. I think people are making assumptions of what my daughter is and how strong she is," he said. "I am her father. She talks to me about everything."

Everything includes, he said, her love life. Bobbi Kristina has been rumored to be dating Nick Gordon, a close family friend with whom she grew up and who has been called her adopted brother.

Bobby Brown told Lauer Thursday that he "would expect her to have a boyfriend" but shot down rumors of her relationship with Gordon, saying he had asked his daughter if the two were romantically involved and learned they were "definitely not."

Brown himself, meanwhile, faces troubles of his own. He was arrested last month on DUI charges, and he said that while he does drink, he is very much sober from narcotics.

"I'm living the life that I want to live," he said. "They can doubt all they want."

He said he has an answer for those who would speculate that things will end badly for him: "I say: You got the wrong one."

Brown's other children — three from previous marriages — also joined for part of the interview to defend their father's reputation. Bobbi Kristina was invited to join them but declined, Lauer said.

"Everyone has their ups and downs," daughter LaPrincia said. "You can't always be judged for that."

Eldest son Landon dismissed his father's reputation as a function of his stage presence.

"The bad boy image is just a part of the performance," he said.

The family also addressed the controversy surrounding its attendance at Whitney Houston's funeral, where Bobby Brown said his children were barred by security from sitting with him where he was assigned.

Brown said that because he wasn't willing to sit separately from his children and felt "disrespected" by the security personnel, they simply left early.

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