Nexus Q Disappears from Google Play


Google's beleaguered streaming media player, the Nexus Q, appears to have disappeared from its online store.

The stylish black orb is no longer on sale on Google Play as of Thursday, according to Ars Technica. The Nexus Q was announced last year at Google's I/O developer conference, a device that would stream media content from the cloud to an enabled television. It ran Android 2.3 and only had one knob that tweaked the sound volume. The $299 device had a 25W amp and was supposed to be made in America.

Last July, Google said it would take the Nexus Q back to the drawing board after bad feedback calling it "cumbersome," but its future seemed cloudy. Then Google put the machine online on Google Play, but now it appears that it's no longer for sale.

It is possible that Google may be refining the Nexus Q for its I/O developers conference May 15, or that it's planning something entirely new. Either way, this could mean the end of the current Nexus Q.

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