On Last Weekend's Open House

First, we go inside the 2011 Pasadena House of Design, as four L.A. designers take us through their stunningly designed spaces (Watch video below). Next, homeowner David Kremin shows us his unique and luxurious home with spectacular outdoor areas located on every level (Watch video below). Then, solve some common design dilemmas and learn how to find the perfect combination of comfort and style in your home (Watch video below). Later, go inside a all-black, yet colorful, apartment with interior designer Stefan Boublil (Watch video here). Also, tour a modern concrete-and-brick home in Bel Air that is sure to impress (Watch video above). Finally, watch George and the rescue crew prepare a home for a family expecting newborn triplets (Watch video here). Tune in!

This episode of Open House was hosted from 402 East 90th Street, New York, NY. Please contact Michael Bartlett or Alexandra Gohari of Town Residential at 646-998-7448 or 646-998-7455. View the listing.

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