Seyfried, Stone and Woll Vie for Anderson's Scientology-Inspired Film

With his three leads for "The Master" more or less in pace, Paul Thomas Anderson is now looking for someone to take the role of the title character's daughter, with two of Hollywood's hottest young talents and one relative newcomer in the running.

Amanda Seyfried, Emma Stone and Deborah Ann Woll are up for the role of Elizabeth, reports Production Weekly by way of The Playlist. They're each hoping to join a cast that already features Phillip Seymour Hoffman in the Hubbard-y title role, Jeremy Renner as his right-hand man and Reese Witherspoon as The Master's wife.

The role of Elizabeth has "some pretty salacious bits...which will be an eye opener for any fans of the actress who lands the role," according to The Playlist, who read the script earlier this year. Considering those guys saw Seyfried in "Chloe" just like we did, that suggests Elizabeth gets involved in some seriously steep business.

Seyfried's done some good work across a variety of genres already, but we'll confess to a slight overdose. It seems she's everywhere these days. Stone, on the other hand, remains the object of a healthy crush that is both superficial and talent-based, while Woll is basically an unknown to us (settle down "True Blood" fans, not everyone loves the show).

As huge fans of PTA, we're eager to see how this project comes together. Anderson went knives out in "There Will Be Blood," and it's hard to imagine him pulling his punches in a story about Scientology, despite the church's reputation for being notoriously litigious.

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