Send Zuckerberg a FB Message: For $100

Anthony DeSantis

Are you the kind of person who always talks about how you’ve got the next billion dollar idea in your head? You know, but it can’t happen without the right backing .. say, a young Silicon Valley entrepreneur with big money and big connections?

We’ve got your solution!

Mark Zuckerberg! Well, maybe.

Facebook admits that it’s testing (as part of its “reach out to people who aren’t yet your friends for $1 plan”) a plan to let you reach out to very powerful people .. for more money. And it seems CEO Mark Zuckerberg is included.

Check it out: If you’re willing to part with $100, you’ll be able to get your idea/message/whatever into Mark Z’s inbox.That's all that is guaranteed.

Now, in theory, if you already follow Zuckerberg, you can hit “Message” and send him a note. Will he read it? Will $100 grease the skids? Who knows, but Facebook has been on a roll lately when it comes to both pleasing investors (its stock price has popped above $30 a share lately) and convincing everybody that it can make money. It’s doubtful that this will make a big difference in its bottom line, but as part of a “what will we pay for social access” test, it’s kind of intriguing.

And, who knows – maybe Zuckerberg will turn out to be the next big tech talent scout, and this turns out to be the best way to get your idea seen. Wouldn’t that be worth a hundred bucks?

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