One Man Buys The Entire 51st Floor Of The Trump Tower

Art collector Hillel Nahmad has purchased 10,059 square feet of living space.

Hillel Nahmad, scion of the outrageously wealthy art dealer family, is good at collecting. A Renoir here, a Monet there, a few Picassos. And it seems he is skilled in collecting apartments, too. 

The Observer reports that he has slowly but surely purchased the entire 51st floor of the Trump Tower in New York City. City records show that the 3,000-square-foot joined 51 A/B apartments were purchased just on the heels of 51C, which sold for $2.8 million in November. 
51A/B, according to Keller Williams, the listing broker, have been combined for years. And although the original listing price was $9.95 million, a certain outdated-ness made that price somewhat of a reach. Outdated or not, surely Mr. Nahmad has big things in store for the space.
It took Mr. Nahmad a decade to buy up 51D, J, K and H (that’s seven units, in case you’ve lost count), which is the entire floor. And, how much does an estimated 10,059 square feet of the 51st floor cost, one may wonder. Mr. Nahmad’s paid, so far, $21.7 million. We can hardly wrap our brains around what the cost would be after a sure-to-be impressive renovation of the space. Who knows? Maybe Mr. Nahmad would throw in a Matisse or two. 
Think the art collector will stop at seven units? How many apartments are there in the Trump Tower, anyway?
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