Take Fab Photos on a Fall Day in Bodie

It's a special day for shutterbugs at the iconic ghost town.

AN EARLY FALL DAY IN MONO COUNTY? How it looks and feels will really depend upon what part of the Eastern Sierra you happen to be visiting. If you're up around Mammoth, you might see a few snowflakes. If you're toodling along the June Lake Loop, golden leaves will likely dominate your view. And if you're basking in Bodie State Historic Park, the quiet breezes, long shadows, and a light chill later in the day will lend your outing oodles of autumnal atmosphere. What if you wanted to capture that particular atmosphere in the perfectly framed shot? A photo won't physically radiate a gentle wind nor a light chill, but one glance at your picture will summon the memory of the splendid structures and spirit of this glorious ghost town. And if you've ever wanted to try one of the destination's rare Photo Days, you're in luck.

OCT. 12, 2019... is the date for the upcoming point-and-click gathering, one that will give participants access to the park "1 hour before sunrise and 1 hour after sunset" (and, yes, and All-Day Pass, too). If you don't happen to be a member of the Bodie Foundation, your ticket to Bodie Photo Day is $175, and there happen to be some spots left for the 2019 happening. Perhaps you have plans to frame a few of your snapshots for Bodie-loving pals, just in time for the holidays? Or add to your image-rich collection of California ghost towns? Best read up on the rules. Note that "(n)o inside building access" is one must-follow, so consider the stunning shots you'd like to take from the town's picturesque streets and outdoor areas. More information? Click, click, click: It's all right here.

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