‘Wish everyone would stop littering:' Good Samaritan rescues skunk with head lodged in plastic cup

A man in Manassas, Virginia found a skunk who looked like it was having a rough night

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A man in Virginia recently came across a seemingly troubled skunk who was navigating the streets with a cup stuck on its head.

Jeffrey Simpson said he was driving into work when he came upon the striped animal. It was discovered walking in the middle of Signal Hill Road in Manassas, Virginia, according to Simpson.

Simpson made several attempts to approach the skunk and remove the cup from its head while repeatedly asking the animal not to spray him. Multiple cars narrowly missed hitting the skunk during his harrowing rescue.

After a few minutes and a little coaxing, Simpson was able to free the skunk without getting sprayed.

"Wish everyone would stop littering," Simpson said.

This wasn't the first time that wildlife had a run-in with household garbage.

A similar incident occurred in 2015 when a baby skunk was spotted running in circles with a yogurt cup on its head, NBC News reported.

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