“Funeral” Director Opted Not to Muzzle Rock, Lawrence

With Chris Rock and Martin Lawrence as your leading men, the odds of getting the coveted PG-13 rating for a screwball comedy are long. Neil LaBute gave up on it while directing "Death at a Funeral"

LaBute tells PopcornBiz that he briefly considered going clean for the movie opening April 16.

"We thought about it very early on," he says. "But then we sort of said, we have all of these comedians who are really made their mark in comedy that's definitely not PG-13.

"There is a version of this you could make that way. But it occurred to us, 'Why are we thinking let's take out one more (expletive). Or this word,'" he continues. "Ultimately you are just holding these people back."

"We just decided to just go for it."

"Death at a Funeral" does just that. And judging from the howls of laughter that came out of the screening last weekend, it was the right call.

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