Southern California

New CHP Task Force Cracks Down on Street Sideshows

A new California Highway Patrol task force is trying to put a stop to a sideshow that seen night after night at location after location on the streets of Southern California.

The riskier the tricks, the more excited the crowd. Drivers do doughnuts, dangerously close to spectators at this sideshow in Anaheim.

"They're not regulated," said CHP Officer Paul Fox during a ride-along with the street racing task force. "They're showing off, doing things that are very very dangerous. That's when people start getting hurt."

During the ride-along, police learned sideshow organizers planned to hit six different Orange County locations, traveling in groups and moving fast.

"It's pretty difficult to find a location where they're meeting," said Officer Florentino Olivera. "By the time we get there, they're gone."

The problem spans Southern California. Viral videos show spectators getting hit, some critically hurt. The CHP is hoping to send a strong message to participants — they're cracking down.

"I like fast cars," Olvera said. "I like going to car shows, but there's a time and place. You want to race go to a racetrack. Do it where its legal."

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