“Adolf Hitler's” Parents Want Apology

Family says they are not fans of Hitler’s atrocities

The Campbells thought their kids were just like everyone else's.

"I just went to get a cake for my kid and it became a circus of racism,” said Heath Campbell.

But when Heath and Deborah Campbell went to the ShopRite in Greenwich Township, New Jersey, the store refused to put their son's name, Adolf Hitler Campbell, on the cake.

"This is America! They violated the rights of my son! A name is a name!” said Heath Campbell.

Their daughter's are named JoyceLynn Aryan Nation Campbell and HonsLynn Hinler Jeannie Campbell, which are names also with ties to Nazi Germany.

Heath has Nazi memorabilia and tattoos on his arm -- just below Pebbles Flintstones and Winnie the Pooh.

The couple said they're neither members of the Aryan Nation nor fans of Hitler’s atrocities.

"He did this stuff, yeah, but that was in the past.  America had slavery and everything else,” said Deborah Campbell.

The Campbells claim they simply like the names, but they admit they've been harassed since word of the cake issue got out.

"It hurts with the threats!  It's not right,” said an emotional Deborah Campbell.

They also know the names they've given their children may evoke hatred and Deborah said she's open to changing their names, if warranted.

As for ShopRite, they say putting Adolf Hitler on a cake is inappropriate.

"All we want is ShopRite to apologize!  Because all we were trying to get was my son's name on a cake," said Deborah Campbell.

A spokesperson for ShopRite said they stand by their original offer to bake a birthday cake for the Campbells and leave room on it for them to write in their son's name.

They say they have no plans to offer the family an apology.

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