Driver Killed in Crash With Big Rig in Montebello

The driver of the car was killed in the crash and the vehicle ended up in a cluster of trees off the road.

One person was killed Thursday night when he crashed into the back of a big rig's trailer on a street in Montebello.

Witnesses said the driver killed in the crash on Telegraph Road between Slauson and Gage avenues around 11 p.m. appeared to speeding. The vehicle ended up in a cluster of trees off the road.

Angel Bonilla, 26, died at the scene, according to the Los Angeles County coroner's office. His home town was not known.

Milton Martinez was outside a nearby hotel when he saw the crash. 

"I saw a car coming by me real fast," said Martinez. "An 18 wheeler was pulling out of this curb... I saw the car coming and I was like, 'I hope he brakes. I hope he brakes.' And, he didn't brake.

"He just went right under the 18-wheeler. It was a full car -- went right under the 18-wheeler -- came out and it was like a convertible."

The road was shut down in the area, according to the Montebello Police Department.

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