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Police Search for Family Owned Restaurant Robbery Suspects

"People make mistakes and I hope they learn from this one."

Police are searching for three suspects who robbed and vandalized a Yorba Linda Vietnamese restaurant late Thursday night.

Aileen and Thomas Huynh, the owners of Monarch 9 Restaurant, showed up to their restaurant Friday morning to find their front door shattered and their cash stolen.

"We were at the grocery store this morning buying produce and our staff called us and said our door was broken," Thomas Huynh said. "When we got there it was just a mess."

The three men, all wearing hoodies, broke into the restaurant just after 3 a.m. Surveillance video showed the men, armed with a sledgehammer, break open the front glass door of the restaurant.

Aileen and Thomas Huynh described the surveillance video and said the suspects went through drawers but skipped the cash register and went straight for the locked locker where they keep their cash.

"I was furious," Aileen Huynh said. "We worked so hard and then boom."

Aileen Huynh went to Facebook and posted about the incident where she said they believe it was an inside job.

The couple said they spent all of their time and their money on the restaurant which they have been building for two years.

"We used our lifesavings to open the restaurant. It's more than business," Thomas Huynh said, "It's our family recipes."

He said they have a lot of regular customers, many of them supported the couple after learning the news. They said they received tons of overwhelming support.

"I believe in second chances," said Thomas Huynh. "People make mistakes and I hope they learn from this one."

The owners wanted to let customers know they will continue to stay open during their normal business hours and they look forward to serving them.

Anyone with information regarding this incident is encouraged to contact the Yorba Linda police or the Orange County Sheriff's Department.

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