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Price Tag for Supervisor's Office Renovation: $700,000



    Price Tag for Supervisor's Office Renovation: $700,000
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    What's so special about Room 866 at the Kenneth Hahn Hall of Administration?

    A project identified in a letter to supervisors as "The Kenneth Hahn Hall of Administration Room 866 Refurbishment Project" includes "replacing carpet/floor tiles, ceilings, lighting, interior wood work, an air conditioning retrofit, electrical and plumbing."

    Here's another nice touch: "Contracting will refurbish interior wood work, window and wall treatments by replacing blind, curtain and acoustic fabric panels; and will remove the existing kitchenette, and relocated plumbing and electrical lines for the kitchenette."

    In other words, a renovation project for Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas' office in the Temple Street building.

    Estimated cost: $707,000.

    That money will come from the Second District's Discretionary Fund. Each supervisor gets about $1 million annually to spend as they see fit -- or to retrofit.

    The letter to supervisors also mentions office furniture.

    The refurbishment project appeared on the board's Dec. 1 agenda. It's expected to take about six months.

    No one doubts that his office is in need of a major makeover. Ridley-Thomas' office, which also houses his staff,  is still equipped with 1960's era ceiling tiles, lighting, and electrical outlets, which are overloaded by modern technology.

    Staffers, some of whom have to work down the hall,  said the office layout is not efficient and outdated.

    "What we are trying to do is make more space for people and I believe in decent working conditions. We are wise and prudent with taxpayer money, we deserve to have a decent environment in which people work," said Ridley-Thomas in an interview Tuesday afternoon.

    Ridley-Thomas became an LA County Supervisor in December 2008.