Prop 8 Campaign Makes Last-Minute Push

Supporters and opponents of Proposition 8, the ballot measure that would essentially overturn California’s legalization of same-sex marriage, are working feverishly to win over the hearts and minds of voters.

The latest poll finds opposition to the measure slightly ahead.  Opponents are counting on a high turnout of Democratic voters excited by the prospect of electing an African-American president to bring down the measure, but opponents also believe a high turnout of ethnic minorities, who tend to be conservative on same-sex marriage, will help put Proposition 8 over the top.

Same-sex couples who have married since June knocked on doors in neighborhoods across the state on Sunday to share stories with the voters they hoped to persuade to defeat Proposition 8.
In recent weeks, other gay opponents of the ban, including a Roman Catholic priest, a former Republican mayor and a small-town newspaper editor, came out of the closet to show how the issue cuts across religious and social lines.

Proposition 8 has turned into the most expensive election question this year, excepting the presidential race. Religious and civil rights groups have poured money and effort into the drive, making it one of the nation's most closely watched races.

Later today, Prop 8 opponents will gather on Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood to try to rally last-minute support.

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