Tony Shin

Battle of Bra Brews at Beaumont High School

A controversy in the Inland Empire has turned into a firestorm on social media.

It involves a high school student who didn't wear a bra to school and claims her vice principal embarrassed her because of it.

"One of the vice principals asked me if I could put a jacket on," said Remy Altuna, a student at Beaumont High School. "I asked her, 'Why, was my outfit inappropriate?'"

Remy claims no one said a single word about her outfit until she went to the front office.

Remy says what bothered her most is what she claims the vice principal said next.

"She didn't want people to assume bad things about me or to say hurtful things based on my outfit," she said. "Hearing that really upset me."

Remy says she didn't wear a bra because the straps would have shown and that would violate the school dress code.

She then posted pictures of her outfit on Twitter and asked people what they thought. Her mom says there were positive responses. But also some disturbing negative comments.

"It's actually shocking and I had to stop looking at it," said Regan Sandborn, a mother.

Regan Sandborn says her daughters top was a little low cut, but she also doesn't believe the vice principal approached Remy the right way.

School administrators showed NBC4 where low cut tops are not allowed in the school dress code. They also released a statement saying that enforcing the dress code is not a perfect process.

Remy is hoping that changes.

"Hopefully from all of this exposure the school board will work with us to find some policies that are more fair to all of us," Remy said.

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