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Officials Warn of Social Security Scam Calls

Calls claiming to be from Social Security are a scam and you shouldn't answer any questions

Apparent social security scammers have been making the rounds and calling people warning them that their accounts are about to be suspended. Experts say dn't fall for it.

Experts say the reason why certain people keep getting such calls is likely due to them choosing to answer the phone in the first place.

Kevin Chavez, a spokesman with the Los Angeles County's Department of Consumer and Business Affairs, said even the initial robocall is a way for the scammers to determine if a real human being is on the line.

"The more you give them, the better opportunity there is for them to scam you and take your money," Chavez said.

The reason why scammers are using the "Social Security" angle is due to its effective way to threaten people who highly rely on monthly checks to live.

Here are some tips to do if you get a call.

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