Los Angeles

South Bay Beaches Reopened After Cleanup of Debris That Washed Ashore

Source of debris likley discharge from Hyperion Treatment Plant

Neil Budde

Los Angeles beaches reopened Saturday following closures this week when debris, including condoms, tampon applicators and hypodermic needles washed ashore, according to the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health.

Beaches from Dockweiler State Beach to Grand Avenue in El Segundo have been closed since Tuesday. The closures were extended to 45th Street in Manhattan Beach on Thursday.

The cause of the debris was likely a discharge pipe at the Hyperion Treatment Plant, according to sanitation officials. The pipe, which normally discharges treated waste water about five miles offshore, is currently undergoing repairs. During repairs, a shorter pipe is being used.

Debris flushed out to sea in runoff from last week's storm was returning to shore due to the tides.

Cleanup crews collected 200 pounds of material from beaches, according to Leslie Griffin of Heal The Bay.

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