Manny Ramirez Is Breaking Out the Bottle

Having fallen behind the Phillies two games to none in the NLCS, there are a number of things the Dodgers could try to get back in to the series. I, for one, would recommend playing better. Manny Ramirez has three of the Dodgers' 15 hits and he's driven in four of their seven runs through two games. A one-man team will not go to the World Series. Manny, however, has a different suggestion. Alcohol.

As for coming back, "It might be time to do some shots of Crown Royal," said Manny Ramirez, who has been there, done that. "I know this, we'll have the music on Sunday in Dodger Stadium and maybe have some fun."

In 2004, Ramirez's Red Sox were down and out against the Yankees, but just before taking the field in Game 6, Kevin Millar urged each of his teammates to down a shot of whiskey.

Manny Ramirez + alcohol + baseball just sounds like a dangerous equation to me, but if I were on the Dodgers right now, I'd probably do a shot of gasoline if Manny told me that was what made him hit the way he's been hitting (note: I would not actually do a shot of gasoline and you shouldn't either). I mean, it probably can't make things worse than letting Brett Myers drive in three runs, can it?

Hat tip to Ziller over at the Sporting Blog

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