Finding a fun sport that complements a kid’s abilities can be challenging, especially if they’ve already beaten you on every Mario Kart Wii track, which totally tires you out. For a truly enjoyable workout that’s tailored to a child’s size and age, check out 10 and Under Tennis.

A new just-for-kids athletic program developed by the USTA, 10 and Under Tennis  is tennis sized right for kids so they develop skills and enjoy themselves right from the start. In 10 and Under Tennis, the courts, rackets, and balls are all age appropriate, ensuring kids can immediately begin to see their own progress and enjoy the game – so, y’know, no frustrated tantrums of mini-McEnroe proportions!

How 10 and Under Tennis Works
For children 5-8 years old, courts are confined to the 36x18 endcourt quarter. The net is set at 2’9”, rackets are up to 23”, and players use red felt or foam reduced bounce balls. Children 9-10 years of age use the entire court, except the back court and alleys. The net is set at 3’ (3’6” at net posts), rackets are 23”-25”, and reduced bounce orange balls are used. 

How to Get Your Kids Playing

Your school or a local athletic organization may already have a 10 and Under Tennis program. But if not, the USTA provides a comprehensive guide to founding or maintaining one, whether in your child’s school or otherwise. The guide includes a suggested school curriculum written in conjunction with renowned physical education expert Dr. Robert Pangrazi.

Lesson plans, developed for third through sixth graders, focus on effectively teaching tennis in a gym or other activity area. No tennis courts required! Teachers can receive free materials and recognition incentives by logging on to

The USTA also offers interactive workshops where teachers can learn how to manage large numbers of students, learn basic tennis skills and how to teach them, and organize games.

What’s more, the USTA is prepared to help schools with implementation and procuring equipment. Check out

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