Manny's Game 5 Could Be His Last in Dodger Blue

Last night may very well be the last time we hear from Manny while wearing a Dodger uniform. Because as soon as the Dodgers' season ended, Manny's status as a Scott Boras-backed free agent began. The bidding war for his services should reach A-Rod-like proportions.

Ramirez's value is likely to be somewhere in the five-year, $25 million-per range, which (for those that didn't major in math) would mean a contract of $125 million dollars ... for a gifted slugger who would be 41 years old in the final year of the deal. The impact he's had on the team since joining them on July 31 is undeniable: the attitude and swagger he's brought to the clubhouse, not to mention his out-of-this-world batting, are likely the main reasons that the team finds itself still playing this deep in the post-season.

Committing that kind of money to one player is putting all of your proverbial eggs in one basket, and it's unclear if the Dodgers would -- or should -- consider taking such a plunge. Before committing that kind of money, it would have been nice to see Dodger Blue Manny take a few swings in a World Series.

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