Report: Clippers Considering Removing Dunleavy as GM

It's no secret that that the Clippers have had a disastrous season, and it appears that they may be ready to make Mike Dunleavy take at least a portion of the blame. Dunleavy holds dual roles within the organization as head coach and general manager, but the Boston Globe is reporting that the team may be ready to relieve Dunleavy of his GM duties.

Dunleavy has repeatedly used the team's rash of injuries they've suffered to explain its dismal record, and with the Clippers losing 193 player-games because of injuries, it might seem like a valid argument. But some may contest that bringing in players like Marcus Camby and Baron Davis who have historically had injury issues, and a questionable character guy like Zach Randolph (who was suspended for punching someone in the face this season) might not have been the best moves a general manager could have made to improve the club's chances of winning.

Rumored candidates to replace Dunleavy are said to be former Miami Heat GM Randy Pfund, and former Lakers' and Grizzlies' icon Jerry West.

Meanwhile, no matter who the team gets as their new general manager, they'll likely be focused on personnel, and not finding a new head coach. Dunleavy is under contract through 2011, and the notoriously cheap Donald Sterling isn't about to be on the hook for paying two head coaches salaries at the same time.

This little wrinkle is certain to make the job a little less attractive to any big names that might have otherwise been willing to express an interest.

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