Walker on to New Mexico. Is USC's Norton Interested?

The Lobos have got their man. Reports are that UCLA defensive coordinator DeWayne Walker is on his way to take over the head-coaching job of New Mexico State.

That’s all good. Walker dramatically improved the UCLA defense and came close to getting the UCLA job a couple years ago and was ready for a head-coaching gig. And, another African-American head coach in the college game is always welcome (unless that coach is Tyrone Willingham, then someone choose poorly).

But that is not the most interesting part.

On Sunday, USC Assistant Coach Ken Norton Jr. went after Rick Neuheisel and the UCLA staff, saying they were telling recruits that if Walker left the Bruins Norton would be on his way to Westwood. Norton played for UCLA before going on to his pro career, but said he was a coach now at USC.

When pressed on Monday if he would take the job if offered, Norton said there was no job open. When asked if he would hypothetically take a UCLA job, he said, “No comment.”

It’s not hypothetical anymore. However, the names rumored to be on the top of Neuheisel's list are Montana Head Coach Bobby Hauck and Ricky Hunley, the well traveled coach who currently is an offensive assistant coach with the Bruins. No Norton on that list, and the talk of the last few days probably doesn't help.

Everyone had an idea Walker would get a head coaching job sooner rather than later, so it's no shock that Neuheisel has had a list in place for a while.

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