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What's the Worst Seat at Dodger Stadium?

NBC LA wanted to find out what the worst seat at Dodger Stadium is and the answer might surprise you.

Division Series - Workout Day

The Los Angeles Dodgers open their 2022 postseason campaign when they host the NL West rival San Diego Padres in the National League Division Series on Tuesday.

The average ticket price is around $300 with some seats in the Dugout Club behind home plate going for as much as $1,300 per ticket. With prices this high for the postseason, we wanted to know what is the worst seat, if any, inside Dodger Stadium.

Thanks to our friends at Bookies.com, we created six categories for which to judge the seats at Chavez Ravine.

First, we wanted to know if any seats had an obstructed view or partially obstructed view.

Second, we wanted to know how far away the seats were from home plate.

Third, what type of seat is it? Is it a bleacher seat? Is it made of wood? Is it facing the outfield or someplace that is not directly at home plate?

Fourth, is the sun protected or unprotected by outdoor elements? Meaning is it directly in the sun during day games, and exposed to rain and wind in harsh weather conditions at night?

Fifth, how far away is the seat from the nearest concession stand or restroom? In our opinion, the further you have to walk to these things, the worse the seat is.

Finally, what is the overall comfort and value of the seat? Is it uncomfortable to sit in for nine innings, and is it worth the price you have to pay to sit there?

Using this scoring system we were able head out to Dodger Stadium where there are over 56,000 seats for fans in order to find the worst seat at the ballpark.  

After scouring the stadium for several hours, starting at the Top Deck, the left and right field reserve foul pole seats, the bleachers and more, we finally found the worst seat in all of Dodger Stadium, and what we discovered might surprise you.

Ironically, the worst seat is one of the more expensive seats at the park. The average price for the seat during the regular season is $113.00, and that same seat is selling for close to $300 for Game 1 of the NLDS on Tuesday.

Surprisingly, the seat is located on the Field Level in the lower right field corner of the stadium. For fans who are familiar with Dodger Stadium, the entire first base/right field line is exposed to direct sunlight during day games, whereas the third base/left field line is typically in the shade and shadows.

The seat is located in Row A, almost as close as you can be to the field. It's a perfect seat to catch a home run or even a foul ball, but the problem is you probably won't be able to see the ball at all.

The seat is located on the Field Level, Section 48, Row A, Seat No. 14.

Michael J. Duarte/NBC LA
The view of the seat located on the Field Level, Section 48, Row A at Dodger Stadium.

It faces towards the outfield and the hot sun. If that wasn't bad enough, when you face towards home plate, your view is completely blocked by the right field foul pole.

Michael J. Duarte/NBC LA
The view from the "Worst Seat at Dodger Stadium." Located on the Field Level, Section 48, Row A, seat 14.

We went out to the seat and took a video view of what a fan would see ahead of the NLDS.

As bad as the view from this seat may be, there's nothing that can be done with the foul pole. The seat does have an unobstructed view of most of the infield and the entire outfield. Just first base and home plate are blocked.

Additionally, Dodger Stadium is widely considered to be one of the best stadiums in all of baseball, and with the new renovation of the Centerfield Plaza there's plenty to do and see while walking around the ballpark.

At the end of the day, just to be inside this iconic ballpark for a playoff game is excitement enough. Hopefully, if you purchase this seat, you'll bring a friend with you who will allow you to lean to one side or the other to see home plate.

The NLDS kicks off on Tuesday night at Dodger Stadium with first pitch scheduled for 6:37PM PST. The game will air live on FS1.

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