Stolen Truck Returned to Owner With Dog Still Inside

The victim had left his car running so the dog would stay cool while he stopped at a Subway.

Three robbery suspects were in custody Tuesday after authorities recovered a stolen Toyota truck with the owner's dog still inside, the Upland Police Department said.

Upland police officers located the truck at a traffic stop near Foothill Boulevard and Mountain Avenue at around 6:20 p.m. Tuesday, said Lt. Don Dodt of the Upland PD. When they ran the license plate number, the vehicle showed up as stolen, police said.

The officers arrested the truck's driver and two passengers. The dog was still inside and appeared to be in good condition, Dodt said. The owner went to the scene of the traffic stop to be reunited with his truck and his pooch, he said.

The truck was reported stolen to the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department in Walnut earlier Tuesday. The victim had parked at a West Covina Subway restaurant and left his key in the ignition so his dog could have air conditioning inside the vehicle, Dodt said.

"When he came out a few minutes later, [the truck] was gone," Dodt said.

The dog, who was in the vehicle, was also gone.

Fortunately, the dog and truck were reunited with an owner who was "very grateful" to have them back, police said.

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