String of Robberies Target SoCal Trader Joe's Stores

A string of robberies targeting eight Trader Joe’s stores across Southern California has market officials concerned as well as its communities.

"I've never had any problems," Harvey Stromberg, a Trader Joe’s shopper, said. "I didn’t know they don’t have security cameras. I’ve always felt safe."

Stores that have been targeted include Long Beach, Irvine, Encino, and Mid-Wilshire.

An estimated $4,800 has been stolen from the Culver City location on April 12, according to the Los Angeles Times. Many locations reportedly do not have surveillance cameras.

"We trust our customers and do not conduct surveillance on them," the store said in an online statement. "When necessary, we take appropriate action, including having security cameras and security guards in our stores, to help ensure the safety of our customers and Crew Members."

The eight robberies that have occurred at the Southern California locations were all targeted by armed men who escaped on foot.

Anyone with information on the robberies is asked to contact the Los Angeles Police Department.

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