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Tom Selleck Accused of Taking Water

The agency hired a private detective, who claims to have observed the "Magnum P.I" star’s vehicle being filled with water

Actor Tom Selleck has been accused of taking public water for use on his spacious ranch in Hidden Valley, California.

A truck registered to the "Magnum, P.I." actor was allegedly caught pumping water from a public hydrant in Thousand Oaks then transporting it back to his home, according to a lawsuit filed by the Calleguas Municipal Water District. The agency hired a private detective, who claims to have observed the actor's vehicle being filled with water.

But the Ventura County Sheriff's Department told NBC News the agency investigated the allegations and could find no criminal wrongdoing. A sheriff's department official did not provide details about the investigation, but said the agency looked into the accusations.

"We are unable to establish a crime was committed," said Capt. John Riley.

The case remains a civil matter being handled by the local water district. The Ventura County District Attorney's office confirmed to NBC News that no case had been referred to them for criminal prosecution.

It is claimed Selleck was sent numerous cease and desist orders. The district claims the 70-year-old's truck was pumping public water and taking it to his property a few months ago, according to the lawsuit.

The district claims that between September 2013 and March, the vehicle was seen taking water from a public hydrant back to Selleck's property. The district claims the truck was seen taking water to Selleck's property at least 12 times.

The water district is suing Selleck in the amount of $21,685.55, the cost of the private investigator it hired, and also asking Selleck to stop taking its public water, according to court documents.

Selleck, the actor's wife Jillie and 50 other people, who are listed as John Does, are named as defendants in the lawsuit.

Selleck was contacted regarding the claims, but has yet to make any comment.

NBC News' Andrew Blankstein contibuted to this report.

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