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Several Walk of Fame Stars Vandalized

The Walk of Fame stars of Jennifer Lopez, Michael Bublé, Ellen DeGeneres and Pharrell Williams were targeted.

What to Know

  • Black paint-spray marks were found on four walk-of -fame star monuments.
  • Jennifer Lopez, Michael Bublé, Ellen DeGeneres and Pharrell Williams' star were targeted.
  • The incident occurred Tuesday.

Several stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame suffered damage at the hands of vandals on Tuesday, per Ana Martinez, producer of the Walk of Fame.

This time, Jennifer Lopez, Michael Bublé, Ellen DeGeneres, Imogene Coca and Pharrell Williams' stars that were targeted. The five monuments were sprayed with black paint.

The stars were cleaned after the incident, but Martinez hopes that the authorities can find the person or people responsible for the vandalism, since that act is considered a serious crime. Security cameras in the area will hopefully help identify the suspect or suspects.

This is far from the first time that stars of the Walk of Fame have been vandalized.

Famously, the star of President Donald Trump was destroyed with a pickaxe, sprayed with spray paint and even had a wall placed around it. The president received the star in January of 2007 for his role in the NBC series "The Apprentice.”

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