A ‘Pageant’-tastic Mother’s Day Sale

Eager to treat mom to one of California's most iconic summer spectaculars? Here's how to save.

Pageant of the Masters

What to Know

  • Pageant of the Masters in Laguna Beach
  • Mother's Day Sale is on through May 12
  • Save 20% with the code MOM19

Revving up a time machine, all to whisk your mom back to the days when you were but a tot? All so you two can see the passage of the years and appreciate how you yourself have grown, and how your love for her has also blossomed?

You can do that, at any time, via shared memories, stories, and photographs.

And yet a time machine, or rather "The Time Machine," is landing in Laguna Beach this July, and the transportive experience is something ideal for mothers and their adult kids to share together.

For "The Time Machine" is the 2019 theme at the Pageant of the Masters, the annual, very-very-long-running theatrical spectacular where game volunteers pose as if they were a character in a famous painting.

And when we say "pose" what we're really saying is they don't twitch an eyelid, if possible, nor move a muscle, making this one of the most unusual and celebrated on-stage treats around. 

The name for this? Tableaux vivants. Or, yes, "living pictures" works well, too.

If this sounds like something your mother would moon over, and you would, too, get gleeful, for there's a Mother's Day Sale on now. You'll score 20% off your tickets when you use the code MOM19, but do use it by May 12, which is the final day of the discount.

Oh yes, and it is Mother's Day 2019, too, meaning you'll have a great and fun and let's-go-together gift to give her. Sweet.

The upcoming dates are July 7 through Aug. 31, and nights do sell out, so securing your seat, and your mommy's, is a fine idea as May begins. There are a couple of things to keep in mind, like the exclusion of Loge seats in the deal, so do read all before making your purchase.

Also? The concurrent Festival Art Show happens alongside the annual pageant, making a Laguna Beach road trip extra special for your extra special lady.

More? You got it. But don't forget that code, or you might need a time machine to return here to grab it.

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