Palos Verdes Peninsula

Bespoke Picnics Add Alfresco Flair to a Local Garden

South Coast Botanic Garden has five new picnicking options, all with that glamping, soak-in-the-sun vibe.

South Coast Botanic Garden

What to Know

  • Palos Verdes Peninsula
  • There are five locations and styles to choose from, including The Farmhouse and The Parisian
  • Prices begin at $325 for two people; add-ons available for additional fees

Observing a butterfly as it flits through some roses, seeing diffused sunlight make patterns on the ground below a tree, or biting into a perfect pastry and pondering life, poetry, love, and really anything at all but your to-do list?

A well-planned, beautifully designed picnic, the sort that is as appealing to the full array of senses as it is to the appetite, may seem like something from a flowery novel, the sort of story that can instantly sweep the reader away.

But such alfresco eating experiences can be found in Southern California, too, and you don't have to arrive with your own hamper (if, indeed, you own a traditional hamper, which seems like quite the quirky and beautiful object to keep in your picnic-ready pantry).

South Coast Botanic Garden is making those sup-in-the-sun daydreams come true right now, thanks to its brand-new Bespoke Picnic Program.

"Bespoke" is the first hint about what prospective picnickers should expect at the Palos Verdes Peninsula property: These are nicely imagined spaces for fresh-of-air socializing and snacking, and each of the five picnics on the line-up boast a different look, vibe, and theme.

Love the 87-acre garden's exquisite plot of lavender? Consider booking "The Farmhouse," which will be set up near the purple-y, ultra-pretty place.

A small table, an array of pillows, petite sprigs of flowers in vases, and other picturesque touches add lav-lovely allure to this choice.

The Glamper, which is a funky fixture on the Banyan Lawn, takes its inspiration from camping, but the colorful goblets on the low table up the "glam" part of the scene.

"Picnicking has always been popular at the Garden, but during the pandemic we felt like people needed to enhance their outings. Our new Bespoke Picnic program takes intimate gatherings to a new level in the Garden," said Christina Cruz, the destination's Director of Special Events and Filming.

You'll need to book your Bespoke Picnic at least 10 days in advance, and you can have up to nine other people, after yourself, at the open-air meet-up.

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