‘Boredom Busters' Program Begins at LA Animal Services

An engaging "series of enrichment activities" are helping adoptable animals stay busy and happy.

What to Know

  • LA Animal Services shelters
  • There's an Amazon Wish List for needed Boredom Busters items
  • Storytime and bubble-popping (for dogs) are two of the activities

Spend a few minutes with any animal and you'll absolutely spot a lengthy list of similarities you both share.

You both can wag your tail over something unexpectedly pleasing, or hang your head when things go glum.

You love to chow down, the two of you, and nap time? The beastie enjoys it, and you do, too.

And getting bored?

It's a big bummer for people as well as companion animals. And while we humans might find a book to read or a friend to call during our down moments, our furry pals are impacted in different ways, especially if they haven't got a route to alleviating the low feeling they're experiencing.

LA Animal Services wanted to connect on a different level with the charges in their care, and, with the help of Maddie's Fund, they now are.

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The Boredom Busters Program, which works to keep shelter-based critters busy and happy, launched via a pilot program in 2018, thanks to the support of Maddie's Fund.

The program just kicked off, officially, in early November 2019, and now the shelters' adoptable animals are enjoying storytime and other stay-alert, keep-engaged activities.

When volunteers and staffers aren't reading books to the beasties, they're blowing bubbles (oh yes, pups do love jumping for floaty, shiny orbs) and enjoy a variety of frozen treats.

"Since its inception, the Boredom Busters Program has been a popular initiative with staff, volunteers, and companion animals in our care," shares LA Animal Services.

Would you love to volunteer? Start here.

Are you eager to send something along that will play a part in one or more the activities? Hooray, there's a Boredom Busters Wish List on Amazon, which includes Kongs toys, the sorts of chew sticks loved by chinchillas, and bubbles, too.

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