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Conversation Hearts Chic: Magnolia Cupcakes

Like the tiny, message-driven crunchie, but like cakey eats, too? You're in Valentine's luck.

Conversation hearts, those chewable, color-sweet little candies that flood our store aisles each February, may seem like a product that came to prominence during your childhood, but they've actually been around a lot longer.

Like, a whole bunch longer, since the 1860s, when NECCO first introduced the "You're Cute" and "Be Mine" treats. And while the edible icons stayed in candy form for well over a century, pretty much, you can now find Conversation Heart Chic -- let's just call it a full-on aesthetic and style -- in products from stationery to clothing.

And cupcakes, too, of course. The sweet shops of Southern California are moving into high Valentine's gear, and Magnolia Bakery is no exception. While the West Third Street treatery will feature a number of holiday noshables, including Red Velvet Whoopie Pies and Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Cupcakes, enthusiasts of conversation hearts may want to seek out the Sweet Sayings Cupcakes.

Nope, there's no candy involved, but there is a deep-flavored devil's food caked topped with chocolate ganache and some words of love and/or friendship. Price? Three dollars and seventy five cents.

You probably couldn't fill a bag with these beauties, nor would you want to, because the ganache would get everywhere. One or two feels about right, should you want to share your emotional emotions with that someone who gives you the tummy flutters.

And if Valentine's Day isn't about the sharing of emotional emotions, then what occasion is? Yes, true, Macaroni and Cheese Day, and a few other national food holidays, might qualify on the emotional emotion front. We can't not get emotional over that.

To eye all of the Magnolia offerings, in all of their redness and pinkness and Cupid-a-tude, saunter by the shop or check out their online HQ.

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