Culver City Crack of Dawn: Dunkin' Donuts Opening

But who'll nab that full year of free coffee?

If you've ever won an "ongoing" prize, the kind of goodie that isn't a one-time-only dealie but rather extends over several calendar months, you know that you can find yourself changing up your schedule and routes to make sure you make the most of your win.

We can only imagine that the person who nabs the free year of coffee at the opening of the Culver City Dunkin' Donuts will immediately begin to plan commutes and errands along Washington Boulevard, where the latest donuts-and-more shop will open on Tuesday, Aug. 11.

Of course, Washington happens to be one of Southern California's most bustling thoroughfares, which is one reason the newest Dunkin' Donuts is setting up sweet shop there.

The address? 13300 Washington Boulevard, where Washington meets Redwood Avenue.

The opening time on opening day? As is tradition, the key'll slide in the door before sunrise, at 5 o'clock in the early morning. And as is tradition, the first person in line will have many caffeinated months to look forward to: Free coffee for a full year is the prize.

It's a celebratory staple of opening day for the Massachusetts quick breakfastery, a chain that's become a New England favorite and something of a legend beyond the region's borders, where Dunkin' Donuts shops were a bit harder to find, at least along the West Coast.

That's changed in recent months with the introduction of stand-alone shops in Downey, Orange County, and other points around the Golden State.

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The newest Dunkin' Donuts joining the family is a Green Achievement restaurant, which emphasizes resourcefulness in both energy and water.

And, true enough, Dunkin' Donuts is known for more than just the food in its name, though recent creations like the Chips Ahoy! Donut have a way of making the concept of donuts stick gooey-like to our collective conscious.

So we shall raise this cookie-donut hybrid to the new Culver City outpost of the New England favorite and we shall high five the person who nabs that free-coffee-for-a-year deal by being the first fan in line on Tuesday, Aug. 11.

Sorry if our hand is a bit sticky; one can never by crumb- nor icing-free after a donut breakfast.

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