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Be Kind to Animals Week

Hugs and love, yes. Plus other important actions.



    Be Kind to Animals Week
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    Be Kind to Animals Week is May 2-8, 2010.

    Two of the most important words one can find linked online are the "Learn how."

    Because. So often we get a directive -- eat 100 fewer calories a day! -- but the tips are a bit lacking. Just link something. Anything. Put those good intentions into next steps.

    We like the action element present on the American Humane's "Be Kind to Animals Week" site. Every recommendation -- "Appreciate wildlife" or "Take care of your pet" -- is followed by a "Learn how." And then several more action-laden links.

    Action. Not generalities. Thank you, American Humane.

    Every week, of course, should be "Be Kind to Animals Week," but the occasion to mark it falls in early May. In 2010, the week is May 2-8. American Humane notes that this week has been around for nearly a century. Are you needing tips on living with raccoons? On microchips for your pet? Here's the link we like to see. Learn more now.