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Derby Weekend: Pros Saturday, Newcomers Sunday

The Baby Doll Brawl sends out debuting Derby Dolls.



    Derby Weekend: Pros Saturday, Newcomers Sunday
    A March 2010 Baby Doll Brawl (photo by Stalkerazzi)

    Remember amusing email addresses?

    We miss them. Granted, it is an easier world now that people seem to mostly use their full names in their emails. But we miss the day when there was a bit of voom to an email.

    Take "" That's the address you write if you want to sign up to become a skater with the Dolls. There's humor there, and pow, and a lot of voom.

    And a lot of that voom will be on display on Sunday, Nov. 14 when the women who had the bravada to type "" into a blank email take to the Doll Factory's famous banked track for an elbow-meets-elbow bout. Oh, and at halftime the Junior set will skate. Young'uns ages 8 to 17 will be out and showing off some superior skills.

    Seasoned Derbyists will be skating on Saturday night, Nov. 13, note. The Varsity Brawlers take on the Fight Crew. Bet a lot of the new skaters, ready to roll the following day, will be trackside taking notes and getting revved.