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Downtown by Bullhorn

One tour is sold out; the other will be, soon.



    Downtown by Bullhorn
    Buz Carter
    There are tickets left for the February 28th, Charles Phoenix-hosted "Disneyland" Downtown Tour.

    The pushing, and the nagging, they come in handy when we know what we're yammering about is a really fun outing.

    Yes, "really" and "fun," we said. Just you wait.

    Take the "Disneyland" Tour of Downtown Los Angeles.Charles Phoenix, that bespectacled history-loving comic, rents a vintage yellow school bus and carts slightly agog tour participants around for the better part of a day. Comparisons are made between certain downtown buildings and certain locations in the Magic Kingdom.

    And you go to Clifton's Cafeteria. It's no-host, but it is Clifton's. We're pausing to have a pie-based daydream here.

    This tour isn't always on. It is too infrequently on for our tastes (clearly our taste swings wildly from pie to offbeat tours; wildly). But it is coming around, again, on Sunday, February 14th and Sunday, February 28th.

    The 14th got sold out, no shocker there, Valentine's day, canoodling over pie. But the 28th? Still seats available. If any of this appeals to you, and it all should, if you like things that are really fun -- we said it -- then go procure tickets now. They're $75. There's a snack involved. It's an all-afternoon thing. Go. Worth it.