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Famous Fossil Now on Display

Get to know the Mosasaur at the Natural History Museum.



    Be the Toast of the Breeders’ Cup
    Natural History Museum
    A Mosasaur fossil is temporarily on display at the Natural History Museum's Dino Lab.

    You think you know your ocean-based predators of the Cretaceous Period. Like, you could catalog them, backwards and forwards.

    And then along comes the Mosasaur, a beast that was able to move through the water after prey like nobody's business. And you have to reevaluate what you thought you knew about prehistoric swimmers. And then you have to get down to the Natural History Museum, where a Mosasaur fossil is temporarily on show in the Dino Lab.

    A new paper on the well-known fossil has called it "the world's finest" in the field of Mosasauria. It is indeed so fine that it will go permanently on display in the summer of 2011. That's when the Natural History Museum's "Dinosaur Mysteries" exhibition debuts.

    You've seen all the building they're doing? We're not sure how dinosaur devotees can stand the excitement. It looks major. Well, we suppose one way to stand the excitement is to see the Mosasaur now. A little toothy treat to sate your Cretaceous longings ahead of 2011.

    Ponder this: Could you outswim this ancient predator? Let's hope none of us ever have to find out. Keeping 85 million years between the Mosasaur's heyday and our own time makes us quite comfortable indeed.