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    Be the Toast of the Breeders’ Cup
    Craig Schwartz
    Gregory Wooddell stars as Christopher Marlowe in "The School of Night" at the Mark Taper Forum, on now through December 17.

    The new Christopher Marlowe-themed mystery at the Taper has us wondering where a sensible person might don a ruff and raise of flagon of ale around SoCal when the Renaissance Faire has folded its tents for another year. Here's a three-fer of ye olde go-about-towns that were made for wannabe Mr. Marlowes:

    "The School of Night": A buzz-garnering playwright (whether he actually doubled as Shakespeare is another discussion), Marlowe met his very early end when he took a sharp, mortal jab to the eye (insert scream here) and dramatically expired at a 16th-century London pub. Or was it a pub? The questions are many. Who did it, and why? You don't need to know your sonnets from your couplets to get hooked into the suspenseful pace and dense character portraits of this true-crime play. Through December 17. Mark Taper Forum at the Music Center, 135 N. Grand Avenue, Los Angeles

    Larry Edmunds Bookshop: If Christopher Marlowe were around today, he might have traded his plays for screenplays (we can picture him being the absolute master of the killer-smooth pitch). Larry Edmunds, a venerable Hollywood writer's haven, boasts scribe-assisting manuals galore. If you're trying to work out Act 2 -- and writers throughout the ages have struggled with Act 2 -- try here. 6644 Hollywood Blvd. Hollywood. 323-463-3273

    The Whale & Ale: Southern California is blessed with more dart-board-packed, football-blasting-on-telly taverns than you can shake a team scarf at. The Whale in San Pedro is one very authentic example. Marlowe, or anyone who enjoys relaxing with a pint or two, would find inspiration for that next epic, or just a nice Sunday afternoon, at this easygoing alehouse. 327 W. Seventh Street, San Pedro. 310-832-0363