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Great Shark Affaire 2010

Two days of love for the big fishes.



    Be the Toast of the Breeders’ Cup
    The Great Shark Affaire 2010 happens at Rainbow Lagoon on Oct. 2 and 3.

    It's a great weekend when spiders and snakes and sharks are all scampering and slithering and gliding into the spotlight.

    We're not even going to go "the first weekend of October" route, when things are supposed to be a bit more chilling. It's simply nice to see creatures that don't often get the love get the love now and then.

    And while the Natural History Museum is the center of much of the spider and snake action, Rainbow Lagoon is your go-to spot for all things fin-and-tooth-laden. That's where the Great Shark Affaire is going down on Saturday, Oct. 2 and Sunday, Oct. 3.

    There will be money-raising for things oceanic. There will be Shark Jeopardy. There will be kidly diversions and music and shark experts. And if we're betting someone will show up in a shark costume. We love a good shark costume. It's really one of the only costumes where one can gaze out of the mouth rather than the eyes. Fun.

    And the joys of flapping fins around cannot be oversold.