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Hammer Museum Election Night Party: Come One, Come All

"Be ye red, blue, or purple," the Westwood spot invites you to celebrate.



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    Hammer Museum
    The Hammer Museum throws an election night party that's open to all viewpoints and sides; come one, come all on Tuesday, Nov. 6.

    There are many wonderful things about our country, and amazing traits of a thriving democracy, but surely one of our most notable qualities is our tendency to get spunky -- or even feisty -- in the days heading up to a major election.

    We stand for what we stand for 'round these parts, and a lot of us have differing viewpoints (if you're unclear on if this is so, swing by any social media site for confirmation). With that in mind, we like it when there's a convivial coming together of Americans on election day that doesn't put the spotlight on one party over the other but rather on the pluses of our system. (And, yep, being in a democracy means we all have opinions on the system itself, right?)

    The Hammer Museum is opening its doors wide on election night. "Be ye red, blue, or purple," says the Westwood institution, you are welcome. Election news will play in both Ammo, the museum's restaurant, and the Billy Wilder Theater. You also might want to swing by Jonathan Horowitz's installation that includes footage from both Fox News and MSNBC (title: "Your Land/My Land: Election '12").

    If things get intense, political send-ups will be playing in the courtyard -- a little comedy has a way of leavening things -- and there will be beverages for sale at a cash bar.

    Date is Tuesday, Nov. 6, of course. You've got that circled on your calendar in red and/or blue, right?

    The Hammer Museum Election Night Party is free. Democracy enthusiasts, proud Americans, and happy voters, come out and raise a glass to the future.

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