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Plants Take Vacation at UCLA's Hammer Museum



    Plants Take Vacation at UCLA's Hammer Museum
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    This plant is ready for a vacation.

    All this month, a group of plants is enjoying some rest and relaxation at the Hammer Museum at UCLA.

    During the month-long vacation, the on-loan houseplants are treated to musical performances, photography, dramatic readings, poetry, and psychic plant healing.

    The retreat is part of the Machine Project's "August Cultural Retreat for Plants."

    For plant owners missing their beloved flora, there's even a dedicated phone line connected to a loudspeaker in the museum's Lindbrook terrace.

    Oh, and there's pornography. Well, plant pornography. As part of their vacation, plants are shown the world's first plant porn movie, "Cinema Botanica." It's a six-minute video of plants being pollinated, according to Reuters. No humans are allowed during the screening, according to the project's website.

    For a full schedule of the exhibit, check out Echo Park Now.