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Happy Towel Day

May 25 is a fine day to remember Douglas Adams.



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    We remember Douglas Adams on May 25.

    Like many, we're firmly in the camp that not only should you think of "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" at least a half dozen times a day, you should probably be living your life by the book's tenets.

    "Don't Panic" is a fine place to start. But there are other mirthful, mind-stretching concepts that author Douglas Adams unleashed upon a thankful planet over three decades ago.

    Carrying a towel wherever you go is one such suggestion, and on May 25, many fans do, or at least they pause, perhaps next to a towel cupboard, to remember the author, who died in Montecito in 2001.

    A really good towel can truly help out in a pinch. But then everybody knows that.

    And in this time of graduation gift guides, we put this forth: Isn't there some mortarboard-donning person who could use a copy of "Hitchhiker's"? More than any other book, it will merrily explain and befuddle in equal parts. Which kind of sums up life.