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Hoedown Off the 110

Heritage Square holds a hootenanny of sorts.



    Hoedown Off the 110
    Triple Chicken Foot
    Triple Chicken Foot's playing the Square Dance at Heritage Square on Saturday, Aug. 14.

    Ever do-si-do'd adjacent to the 110? Strike that. Ever do-si-do'd adjacent to any major freeway?

    Probably not, right? The classic square dance move, and a major car-filled thoroughfare, aren't natural partners. Which is but one reason we're liking the Square Dance at Heritage Square so darn tootin' much.

    Also? The night starts with the word "square" and ends with it, too. Which kind of forms a word square of sorts. Deep? Eh. Maybe.

    All of the heel-raisin' and linking-of-elbows goes down on Saturday, Aug. 14 at the historic clutch of buildings located just off the 110 in Highland Park. Triple Chicken Foot will be at the fiddles. There will be a real-live caller doing real-live square-dance-style calling. Or do we mean "callin'"? Yes. Better.

    Get up on your terminology and moves -- exactly what "do-si-do-ing" is had sadly faded a bit from our minds since elementary school -- and wear your crinoline and checks. Time's 5-7 p.m., cost is $5.

    Last: No partner needed. Nice. Meet new people mid-do-si-do. We just wanted to write "mid-do-si-do" to see how it looks. Not bad, really.

    Definitely the last: Heritage Square has other doings afoot, like its Concerts at the Square. Aug. 15 and 26. Info.