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Holiday Shopping Alert: Mega Craft Show in LBC

Over 200 booths full of art, photography, and eats.



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    Original Arts & Crafts Show
    The Harvest Festival Original Arts & Crafts Show opens in Long Beach on Friday, Oct. 1.

    Any craft show fan will swear that it is impossible to characterize what one might find at a particular event. After all, items for sale can change in a major way from booth to booth. One booth can be all about landscape photography; its neighbor might be selling red velvet brownies.

    But there are in this world craft shows given to more indie fare -- say, skull-and-crossbone necklaces and sexy stockings -- and craft shows that cover the traditional arts of wooden boxes and oilcloth aprons and Christmas ornaments. Harvest Festival Original Arts & Crafts Show is truly one of the powerhouses of the traditional set. It's a big traveling show, it goes to cities all over California (and Las Vegas) every fall, it houses over 200 booths, and it will be in Long Beach from Friday, Oct. 1 through Sunday, Oct. 3.

    What will you find there? The holidays, maximum holidayage, ornaments and tablecloths and other Santa-laden goodies. Dry chili mixes and glass sculptures and fancy cheese dips. Art and jewelry. Oftentimes the artisan is behind the table, ready to chat materials and techniques.

    We've bought for our own mom there before, but we think it is a perfect take-your-mom-or-craft-loving-pal outing. If you can't make it to Long Beach over Oct. 1-3, the show will stop in Ventura Oct. 15-17.

    Did we mention the Harvest Festival Original Arts & Craft Show is big?