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"Hot" About Tony Curtis

A screening, a book signing, a famous hotel



    "Hot" About Tony Curtis
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    "Some Like It Hot"; stay at the Hotel del and remember a classic.

    We have homina'd over Tony Curtis before.

    And hard. The man practically invented the homina-homina. We homina'd in his general direction last year, twice. Now he's heading for the Magic Castle on Sunday, January 31st, to sign his juicy book (kissy-kissy with Marilyn Monroe), talk with fans, answer questions, and be all Tony-Curtis-ish for us.

    Plus, there will be a screening of "Some Like It Hot." You don't have to be a Magic Castle member. It all starts at 4PM.

    This is not related to the Magic Castle event, but it is related to Mr. Curtis, and that extremely fine movie, a film that has the top spot on the AFI top 100 comedies round-up. We saw that the "Some Like It Hot" package is still running at Hotel del Coronado, one of the stars of the 1959 laugher.

    A DVD of the film is part of the package. Plus. You're at the Hotel del. Will you reenact the beach scenes? Will you play the ukulele a la Marilyn, or sport the Tony Curtis captain get-up? Yes, you will, we predict.

    Get all the details on the hotel's package.