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Icy, Broody, Sexy Fun



    Icy, Broody, Sexy Fun
    Vampire Con
    Vampire Con swoops in LA August 14th-16th

    The long, penetrating stares from across a bog. A castle ballroom. A bayou bar. The living forever. The hot-a-bility cast by a cold, cold person. Person? Vampire. They're back -- we'd say they never left -- but making a recent cover of Entertainment Weekly and billboards around town ("The Vampire Diaries"), and the "True Blood" and "Twilight" fans, means those denizens of the night are at the knife-edge, or perhaps fang-edge, of pop culture.

    Vampire Con celebrates those most elegant coffin-sleepers and can't-sleepers and cape wearers and au courant fashionistas. Running August 14th through 16th at various venues around town -- New Beverly and Music Box @ the Fonda included -- the con is brimming with celebrity panels and spooky screenings and, of course, "True Blood" and "Twilight" chat. The centerpiece of the weekend is a steamy salute to Vampirella, complete with a fantasy-fueled ball. At the ball: luscious cabaret artistes Lucient Dossier and a pair of DJs spinning moody mood music.

    Do vampires dance? Of course. We vaguely remember a disco scene from "Love at First Bite"; a suave, tuxedo'd George Hamilton boogieing to "I Love the Nightlife." Our vampire fascination began under that mirrorball. Yours too?