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New Year's Math: 1 Party Pass, 8 Bars, 2011

Downtown LA is doing it up come Dec. 31.



    New Year's Math: 1 Party Pass, 8 Bars, 2011
    NYE Downtown LA has your pub-crawler of a party ticket.

    If you've enjoyed a swanky, sugar-rimmed cocktail in a dark downtown bar, chances are 213 had something to do with the sugar, the glass, the liquor inside the glass, the ice inside the liquor, and the general atmosphere.

    Now the old-school sipping-minded company is taking its convivial-making business wide and throwing an eight bar-wide New Year's Eve party. The Golden Gopher is on the roster, as is Cole's, as is Seven Grand, as is Broadway Bar. And four more: Casey's Irish Pub, Las Perlas, Tony's Saloon, Caña Rum Bar.

    Different libations will be offered at each establishment, of course; Cole's will feature an open Champagne cocktails bitter bar. "Mole" is one of the flavors listed. You know your interest is piqued.

    Las Perlas will be pouring a Spiced Daisy. Whatever your feeling about spice and daisies, the name charms. We say, welcome the new year in while sipping a happy concoction ("bitters," please note that you're exempt here, for the obvious reason that your effects aren't all that bitter).

    There will be DJery and music and festive whatnot at each stop. The tickets that remain start at $119 plus a fee, and there's a note about places reaching capacity, so keep chanting "early early early" to make sure you get to the parties in time.