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She & Him-ing at Largo

On stage, and on vinyl, with more sepia'd pop.



    She & Him-ing at Largo
    She & Him
    She & Him will be at Largo at the Coronet on Monday, March 15

    She & Him are prepping to Volume 2 the world.

    Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward's second album-y outing is due on March 23, but they'll be stopping by Largo at the Coronet ahead of that, on Monday, March 15.

    Not everybody in the makin'-music biz is in Austin yet. But, naturally, the winsome pair be there, on Saturday, March 20, if you'll also be at SXSW. And we're predicting that you likely have a one-in-five chance of being there, since about one in five people we've encountered over the last week are discussing packing/ticket issues.

    Two things. You're ready for retro-soft pop, with spring also ahead? Yes. And two: Your phonograph is set to go? No new needle needed? She & Him Volume 2 will also be out of vinyl, lending their sound the gentle skips and nicks that have long faded out for most listening experiences.